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Pitchside Ref Centre is a referee administration tool for league appointment officers. It allows each individual referee to have their own “refereeing calendar” enabling the efficient scheduling of fixtures.

A referee once added to the system will have a calendar that allows them to simply close dates they do not wish to have fixtures on and give a reason for this. This may be injury, personal, holiday or another fixture.

Referees can see if they have been given a game as an administrator will be able to turn dates green which indicates a game has been given.

Administrators can add unlimited referees to the system and track open and closed dates. Each event is time stamped so you can see if a referee has closed a date after having a fixture given and email alerts are sent to admins when this happens.

Administrators can simply search for a referee, or by date to see who is or is not available.

It is a really simple system but takes away the administration for appointments officers to keep chasing open and closed dates.

The system can also be branded slightly with league logos and colours.

Prices are annual from £75. Get in touch to discuss more.