Men’s Summer League

Register your team below. The person who registers the team will be recorded at the “Team Captain” and will be in charge of dealing with the league in regards to any correspondence.

Pitchside Mens Summer League requires all players to be 16 or over at the start of the playing season.


  • All players must be 16 years old or over.
  • Players can only be registered for one team per season.
  • Games will be 25 minutes each way with a quick half time break. (Will return to 25 each way once the venue restrictions are lifted)
  • All games will kick off at 8pm played at Bradley Football Development Centre on 3G.
  • No pay, no play. Paid via bank transfer prior to kick off.
  • Substitutions will be roll on roll off.
  • Qualified referees will be used for all matches.
  • Shin Pads MUST be worn. No Exceptions.
  • Teams can register 18 players per season.
  • Games played weekly from 30th July until 10th September.

There is a £50 deposit required to secure your place. Fully refundable at the end of the season if you complete all your fixtures.